The lives of people are been impacted daily through God’s word. Destinies are touched through divine revelation of God’s Spirit . The world is transformed through the power in the name of Jesus Christ. More Grace is taken from ( he giveth more grace…. James 4:6). Watch More Grace TV and witness the practical move of God’s Spirit and Power. God is still in the business of turning bitter stories to sweet ones.

Expression of Gods sincerer and unfailing love for the poor and needy, physically, challenged and others

Spreading love, because love is the best gift to give. Follow us on weekly activities, social media and live service every Sunday

Join the more grace TV team to reach out to the world and enjoy the grace of our lord Jesus Christ, freely

About Us

More Grace TV is a Christian television station. Our motto is: “BRINGING GOD’S GRACE TO YOUR WORLD” More Grace TV is a God’s given vision and assignment, whose commission is our pursuit. Pastor P.I.A Obaseki, the Senior Pastor of Divine Grace Of Glory Church is the Visionary of More Grace TV and this is one of the channels made for God’s service, to make impact, touch lives and transform the world.

Our Executive Mission & Mandate
★ To make maximum impact through Gods word and by his spirit, also through humanitarian outreach.
★ We are a people sent to save the unsaved rescue the lost and bring stability and unwavering faith to Belivers through more grace Television.
★ We bring the atmosphere of GOD presence miraculous, sign & wonders to people’s homes.

The greatest impact any man can ever leave behind is to develop the gifts and potential of others, Pastor P.I.A Obaseki We at More Grace TV believe in developing of gifts and potentials. Jesus Christ made is a clear example, when He took Peter from fishers of fishes to fishers of men. All of media crew workers are products of impact through working at The DGOGC and with Pastor P.I.A Obaseki.

Watch and see the entire
proof that validates God mighty power present in
our generation to heal, save and deliver, in Jesus name.


Branch Service

Sunday:  Celebration of Grace, 1st Service 6:30am 

Sunday:  Celebration of Grace, 2nd Service 9:30am 

Wednesday: Faith Clinic Prophetic Service 6:30am

Headquarter Service

Sunday: Celebration of Grace  8:00am

Friday: Change of story Prophetic Service  8:00am

First Friday of the Month: Solution Night 8:00pm till dawn

Grace Sanctuary Prayer Mountain Encounter : Monday to Saturday 7:00am to 6:00pm Daily

(for personal and family prayers and deliverance) Contact us


Distance is not a Limitation

Send us your Prayer Request and testimonies to our email

Having Commit ourselves to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ More Grace TV is a venue, which is to reach out to the lost souls with the gospel. spreading God’s in explainable love to the sons of men, bringing joy to a heart of sadness, hope to the hopeless, gladness to a mourning heart

“When we remember the orphans, widows, widowers, the rejected, abandoned and all those in need, God will also meet us at the point of our need” Pastor P.I.A Obaseki

Contact Us

Branch Contact
40, Ajayi Street, off obazee Street, upper mission, new Benin, Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria
Call: 08153952894, 08038295024, 08039500163

Headquarter Contact
Idunmwungha Town, Off Benin Auchi Road, After Egba Junction, Benin City,  Edo State, Nigeria

Call: 08055621609, 08172744441, 09012668151

 Facebook: @PIAObasekiMinistries
Twitter: @PIAObasekiMinistries
Instagram: @PIAObasekiMinistries
Youtube: @More Grace TV

Suggestion and Feedback

it would be great to hear from you, thank you for making a stop by more grace TV kindly let us know your suggestion, comment contribution enquirers and feedback regarding our programming we will get back to you shortly

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