More Grace everyone. I’m a matron by profession and i am a partner to MORE GRACE TV . I’m here to testify to the Glory of God upon my life.
It all started the year 2020, my CMD ( chief medical director) retired because of his old age. Then a new management came up and they saw me as a threat to them because I was always telling them to pay tax and other government dues. They then ganged up against me and I stayed away from them. I started bleeding severely when I left the hospital.
Last year, during one of our Wednesday Faith Clinic service, the man of God Senior Prophet P. I.A Obaseki made an altar call that there is a woman in service that death is following I came out and the man of God instructed me to go to the GRACE SANCTUARY PRAYER MOUNTAIN which I did. Then the bleeding stopped.
This year, in the month of May there was problem in the hospital and I was called to settle the matter which I refused. The wife of the CMD then called me and pleaded with me to settle the matter which I did on phone and the matter was resolved.
The month of June, an opportunity came for me to resume as the director of the same hospital I left. I was afraid to go and I refused the offer. I text the man of God Senior Prophet P.I.A Obaseki and I explained everything to him. He then said I should give him time to pray over it. After which he told me to see him. Which I went to see him and he said I should go for the offer that it’s a good one.
Since I started working at the hospital, all the delivery I have handled has been successful both the once that were booked for operation they ended up giving birth normal to the Glory of God.
There was a case of a woman who was to give birth to her set of twins with operation. I prayed to God concerning the delivery and she delivered normal without operation. Thank you Jesus.

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