About Us

More Grace TV is the Christian television station, Internet Channel and Youtube channel of Divine Grace of Glory Church. Our motto is: “BRINGING GOD’S GRACE TO YOUR WORLD” More Grace TV is a God’s given vision and assignment, whose commission is our pursuit. Pastor P.I.A Obaseki, the Senior Pastor of Divine Grace Of Glory Church is the Visionary of More Grace TV and this is one of the channels made for God’s service, to make impact, touch lives and transform the world.

Our Executive Mission & Mandate
★ To make maximum impact through Gods word and by his spirit, also through humanitarian outreach.
★ We are a people sent to save the unsaved rescue the lost and bring stability and unwavering faith to Believers through more grace Television.
★ We bring the atmosphere of GOD presence miraculous, sign & wonders to people’s homes.

The greatest impact any man can ever leave behind is to develop the gifts and potential of others. Pastor P.I.A Obaseki, we at More Grace TV believe in developing of gifts and potentials. Jesus Christ made is a clear example, when He took Peter from fishers of fishes to fishers of men. All of media crew workers are products of impact through working at The DGOGC and with Pastor P.I.A Obaseki.


“Having Commit ourselves to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, MoreGrace TV is an avenue, which is to reach out to the lost souls with the gospel. Spreading God’s inexplainable love to the sons of men, bringing joy to a heart of sadness, hope to the hopeless, gladness to a mourning heart”.