The Healing Virtue


More Grace! I have passing through a terrible affliction for the past three, my body was experiencing bad smell, even when i take bath well and use good cream and perfume, i will still smell badly,  when am in the midst of people they will begin to say the place is smelling, within I know was the one that was smelling terribly in their midst. I have done all I could but all effort were unproductive. This has brought me disgrace I cannot stand confidently in the midst of people because of the bad odour that was going with me.


 A friend brought me to this ministry and I used the anointing water I received here, within the space of one week, I began to notice a great different in my body until today I no longer smell in the midst of people after three years I am whole again. I invited a friend of mine to this ministry {Divine Grace of Glory Church} on a Wednesday deliverance and healing service, after receiving a touch from heaven the next day, she resume work and she was promoted to the office of a manager in her company. Edoma Antonia

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