More Grace! I have always been suffering from severe pain in my lower abdomen for many years,  this always happen few weeks to my menstrual flow, when I came into this ministry I received the anointing wristband, and before going to bed I will placed the anointing wristband in my underwear from that very time till now I no longer experience that pain, I am totally healed. 


I am a nurse by profession one Friday morning when I resume work after a two days off, when I came I saw a woman I the labour ward who has been the for the past two day, she has been experiencing delay in delivering, when I meet her I talked with her, prayed and gave the anointing wristband her to wear on her wrist, to my shock in less than three minutes her labour began and she gave birth to her baby with cords rounding the child’s neck the thrice.  Mrs. Glory Orobo

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