More Grace! I have been going through trials in my desire to have a child. Each time I give birth to my baby the child will die; this has happen to me twice.

A relative of mine brought me to this ministry (Divine Grace of Glory Church), and I want opportune to go through deliverance, after my deliverance I got pregnant, ever since I have been praying and administering only the anointing water without taking any drugs from the hospital because I was trust God, that what drugs could not sustain in my life His anointing will sustain it in my life. When it got to my delivering time,I call one of the ministers in this ministry and he prayed for me and instructed me to sprinkle the anointing water on my child after giving birth. Thereafter, by God’s grace I gave birth to my baby successfully and I did as instructed by the man of God. I am here to thank God for my baby’s life, God never allowed me to lose this child like the others; He did this through the anointing water. Thank You Jesus Christ. Mrs. Joy Usifo

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