More grace everyone, I am Mrs Christina Chukwu. I am here to testify to the glory of God of this commission.

The year 2007 when I was in secondary school I came back from school I noticed I was feeling a sharp pain by my left side of my stomach. I told my guardian which was my uncle he said I should go to the hospital which I did. I went to medical Centre kaduna state. The result showed that it was hook worm under kidney. I went for another scan in Nasarawa State i was told it was infection. I went for the third scan at Enugu and I was told it was kidney stone and the only solution was surgery and I refused to go for surgery. A friend of mine that works in this church invited me for a program in this church two years ago. And the man of God made a prophetic utterance that if you know you have stomach problem come out. I came out and the man of God instructed me to come to the solution night that I will receive my healing. I came for the solution night. The man of God Senior Pastor P.I.A Obaseki prayed for me with the mantle immediately i received a cool sensation on the place where I was feeling the pains and that is how I got my healing. Thank you Jesus.

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