More Grace! I base in Germany, for past 10years I have been battling for my resident permit but I could not get it. My daughter brought me to this ministry (Divine Grace of Glory Church) and that very day I heard many touching and teaching testimonies, after everything I received the prophetic mantle and the anointed wristband. The following day, I went to the Germany office where I applied for visa, a member of this ministry gave me the anointing water before I left.

When I got to the office, I tied the prophetic mantle round my neck and I administered the anointing water by sprinkling it on my body, and before I left my house I was opportune to record the prayers of the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua and that of Pastor P.I.A Obaseki in my phone, so when I came outside the office where I was told to wait, I tuned the prayer on my phone and I started praying along with it. Later I was called to the main office, when the officers saw me, immediately my resident permit that I have been battling for years was signed and handed over to me. GOD IS GREAT.  Mrs. Uwa

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