Stanley Eribo from Edo State, a professional kick boxer and a More Grace TV Partner testifies about the amazing breakthrough of his career after receiving prayers and anointing from PIA Obaseki.

He trains very GoOd before now but was trapped in the fear of failure whenever he was supposed to engage in any fight especially `with the one that could spring his career into glorious height. Upon his visiting at DGOGC he was opportune to meet with the man of God PIA Obaseki and he told the man of God about his career and asked for the grace to go international then the man of God PIA Obaseki prayed for him, anointed him and sent him forth to succeed.

From that day he was inspired by the Holy Spirit, he prepared himself and dared the person he was scared of in a match and he won the match. At this time he has been crowned the national welterweight champion and the best boxer of the night with a reward of 2.5million and some other additional cash gifts…..Thank you Jesus…

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