More Grace, I am Egah Grace. Before now I was having severe pains on my left leg, it was so severe that I was limited to the things I could do before in making use of the leg. It all started last week Sunday morning when I woke up and went to ease myself but I discovered that I couldn’t get up properly without an aid and I could neither bend nor move the leg properly.

I was opportune to be in the DGOGC prayer mountain where the man of God PIA Obaseki prayed for me with the more grace water. as he sprinkled the water upon me, I felt vibration all over my body and the pains disappeared instantly…from that day I could do so many things I couldn’t do before with the leg and make use of it properly….Thank you Jesus


  1. Ruth T
    18 Sep 2022 19:22:24 Reply

    I am praying for deliverance from my enemies and their friends where I reside. Bragging about getting in my apartment for years and stealing. Now that the locks were changed, and camera placed on the door 2021. They have been harassing me. I am begging God for a financial blessing, healing, and Deliverance from my enemies making them my footstool.

  2. Victor
    22 Sep 2022 17:39:11 Reply

    Mathew 18/19 miracle open a door. I pray for sweet new year on Sept. God calendar. I shalom over me and kathy. I pray kathy gets her new position at job. I pray for Karen she has cancer. Pray prosper soul health finances over Kathy John kimmberly and vic. Pray God send people to start business. PsAlms 66vow declare decree no sentencing no conviction no prison any problems with justice or courts or govt throw it out lord in Jesus name amen thank you Jesus thank you moregrace..

  3. Anna CarranzaSalazar
    30 Dec 2023 17:48:16 Reply

    Hello, my name is Anna Louisa Salazar 35 years old. Can you please pray for me, i was diagnosed with pleural effusion/fluid in my lungs. Doctor Unsure of the cause. Please pray for full complete healing of my lungs and entire health. I need to be well for my family. We are all worried. Thank you so very much. God Bless!

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