More Grace, I am Mrs. Rose Oriakhi. I am a farmer by profession. I went to my farm on Thursday last week, but few hours later after we started working some heavily armed Fulani herdsmen came over. As I saw them I started praying because I was scared that they were going to harm us having heard past stories about them.

They called my husband and asked him where his food was, my husband showed them, they took all the food and left. But few minutes later they returned back and my fear increased again but this time some of them went towards the direction of our labourers and started speaking language with them then they came to my husband and gave us all money claiming to make peace with us. I never had any guts to question their action because I don’t want to get killed or kidnapped so all I kept doing was praying in my mind till they all left… here to return all glory to God for defending us like he defended Daniel when he was thrown into the lion’s….Thank you Jesus…

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