More grace, I am Mrs. Tracy Anigboro. I was opportune to be in the DGOGC solution night 2 months ago where I prayed like never before. After the close of service, I had some few people I needed to carry but there were more of them and I could only carry few.

On my way going I started praying to God that he should bless me with a new car that can carry more people because I never felt good seeing them trekking to get public transport as I was unable to help them. The following Friday my husband traveled to Lagos and called me on Saturday morning that he would be coming home that day so I asked him to call me when he gets to the park so I could go pick him up but he told me to wait for him in the house which I did.

When he arrived home, I heard a horn and came outside behold what i saw was a new car. I asked him who owns the car and he handed over the key to me that he bought it for me….just as I prayed to God my prayer was rightfully answered as I was blessed with a sienna that can carry more people…Thank you Jesus……

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