More Grace, I am Mrs. Helen Izedomwen. I am here to return all Glory to God Almighty for what he did for my Daughter (Miss Omorobiye Jessy Izedomwen) based in Europe.

My daughter and her friends were arrested in Europe, they were at the Vague of being deported and They were taken to the Police Station. when she called me and told me all she was going through, I presented her case before the man of God P.I.A Obaseki and he asked me if I wanted the Police to release only my Daughter or both she and her friend and I said to him that I want both of them to be released then he said to me that it is done already and I believed and held onto his word 3 hours later, my Daughter called me and told me that she has been released… she further narrated what happened while they were in the Police Custody, after they had spent hours in the Police Custody, some of the Officers Demanded to know what she was wearing on her wrist which was the D.G.O.G.C. I am too Defended to be a Victim Wrist Band, she explained to them stretching the hand towards them to see properly but they declined and told her that there was fire Emanating from the Wrist Band….Thank You Jesus..

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