More Grace. I am Mrs. Magret Omoregie. My Daughter “Precious Aghaowa” has been in Germany for 6 years but no resident permit. She has tried several times following the normal due process but all to no avail. I was opportune to be in the DGOGC God Of Solution crusade 2019 where I had the privilege to draw water from the pool of Bethesda and I also received the pool of Bethesda book.

From that day I started praying for her with the water using the book as a point of contact to reach her paper commanding it to be released for her after she told me that she had already gone for interview. I read the book and quoted a prayer point from it that says “Jehovah My God as I use this pool of Bethesda water let it be my last bus stop”. And I kept praying for her. Last week Tuesday, she called me and told me that she has been granted 5 years resident and walking permit to move in and outside Germany….Thank you Jesus….

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