More Grace, I am Comrade Abu Ayaosi Emmanuel. The woman standing beside me is my wife. Before now, I have been facing serious challenges in my health for the past 4 years. I normally experience Pains in my stomach, all over my body and unusual cold. Whenever this affliction comes up, I hardly get myself till I take hot water and it relieves it a little after I must have managed to drink much, I cannot stay anywhere or close to anything cold. I have been to different type of hospitals where they ran all sorts of test, gave me variety of drugs and injections but still to no avail.

I was opportune to be in the DGOGC Wednesday faith clinic prophetic service where the man of God PIA Obaseki located me by prophecy, at first he tapped my chest 3 times and instantly the stomach pains disappeared then he talked to me as he was led by the holy spirit, warned me to be careful of friends and then he said to me that the enemy wants to open a door for me to be spending money unnecessarily and I confirmed it to be true because I had no peace in my health and when I go to the hospital for treatment they cannot find out what exactly the problem is after making me spend a lot of money in doing several test and buying drugs. He brought me out from the congregation and prayed for me with the pool of Bethesda water, at a spray of the water the demon behind the affliction was cast out. instantly I experienced peace in my health from that day…. till now i am healed…Thank you Jesus

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