More grace everybody, my name is Esezobor Bobby. Am here to return all gratitude to God for delivering me from mental disorder.

It all started when i entered into internet fraduster, everything wasn’t working out fine so my boss and some other boys alongside with me and my boss took us to a river to perform rituals with each fowl, fanta and biscuits after all this exercise things still remain the same then we decided to seek a higher power, when i got there i was asked to sacrifice my younger brother but i refused and i decided to run away, but i didnt reveal my intentions to them during the course of this i was called for my I.T Programme because am an undergraduate of Ambrose Aliu University(Ekpoma), i told them of my intention and i was asked to take an oath that i was going to come back if i did not i would remain poor forever, i took this oath because i really wanted to leave, after all the spiritual exercise i was allowed to leave. Immediately i came back to my hometown in Benin(Uromi) where i came to stay with my parents but after some time i started experiencing some strange things around me i started behaving abnormal, everyone was confused including my sister, she was the only one i explained my ordeal, due to depression and frustration i decided to smoke weed with my friends, after i did this i didn’t understand my health anymore everything changed which resulted in mental disorder, while all this was going on my mum younger sister introduced us to Divine Grace of Glory Church and i was able to attend the prayer line session today, after i received prayers from the man of God i noticed changes in my body and i felt relived immediately, i started behaving normal, my mum can even attest to it she was surprise when i asked her that she should give me money that i wanted to eat and i ate, am here to give all thanks to God for this mighty deliverance and restoration. Thank you Jesus am free.

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