More Grace. I am Mrs. Patience Ogbe. For years now, I have been Experiencing itches all over my body, especially when I finish taking my bath, I would sit in front of the Fan to scratch my body till I am satisfied. When people around me noticed, they Advised me to stop Using Sponche which I did but still to no avail. I was Opportune to be in the D.G.O.G.C. Sunday Service Where the man of God P.I.A Obaseki Mentioned my case via Altar call as he was led by the Holy Spirit Exactly the way I was Passing through the Affliction. I stepped out and he Prayed for me with the Pool Of Bethesda Water…from that day till now either I bath with or without Sponche I no longer Experience anything like Itching in my Body…thank you Jesus Christ…

Secondly, I was feeling Severe Chest Pain before Now…I was opportune to be in the D.G.O.G.C. God of Solution Crusade where I had the Privilege to draw water from the pool of Bethesda at the D.G.O.G.C. new Jerusalem which I Administered upon myself and also prayed with when I got home….from that day till now the Pain is no more….thank you Jesus Christ

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