More Grace. I am Mrs. Iyere Osagie, the woman standing beside me is my mother while the other man is my younger brother, we are the family of Egbadons’ from Uromi. I am the eldest child. 3 years ago, my younger brother’s wife fell ill and she was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed of stomach ulcer. She received several drugs and treatment to cure the ulcer and relief her of the pains but yet the pains persisted. From there it was known to them that she was facing a spiritual affliction after visiting different hospital and yet no solution.

They had to handle it in a spiritual way, so from there they started moving from place to place in search for solution both in churches and in the house of native doctors. They encountered several false prophets and one of them said that my mother was behind all they were going through and this resulted to disarray in my family and made them accused her negatively.

My brother’s wife was opportune to be in the DGOGC Wednesday Faith Clinic Prophetic Service where she had the privilege to join the Prayer Line and received prayers and deliverance from the holy spirit through the faculties of the man of God P.I.A Obaseki and after the deliverance, she was made whole, the stomach pains disappeared then the man of God P.I.A Obaseki went deep into the root of the matter and revealed prophetically that my mother is not a witch, for we were only been trapped in the claws of false prophets whose intention was to make money from us as though they have no solution to our problems….He then invited us all, reconciled my family as he was led by the Holy Spirit and also supported my mother with the sum of 10,000 naira for her transport back to Uromi…Thank you Jesus Christ…

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