More Grace. I am Prophet Paul Wealth Unusual, The Senior Pastor of Eagles Height Assembly, the man standing beside me is my elder brother who is also a Pastor. I discovered the calling of God upon my life at a very tender age and since then I have held onto it. I started having international open doors, different people outside the country sponsoring my ministry and different ministries paying their tithe to me but when I opened my ministry, everything stopped all of a sudden.

As I got in touch with my Spiritual Father P.I.A Obaseki, and was also opportune to attend a programme he organized for ministers titled “Ministers of Grace Impartation Conference”, I was highly imparted by him and also privilege to sow a seed into his life. From that day my life changed, I began to experience open doors in all areas, I pasted the flyer of an upcoming programme on my Facebook page of which I am the host and my Spiritual Father will be ministering as the guest minister, few hours after I posted it, international and local calls began to bomb my phone and they want to willingly sponsor the programme….Thank you Jesus Christ…

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