More Grace everyone. I am here to testify to the Glory of God upon my life.
Every year December, I always experience swollen besides my private part. When the pain comes, I will be restless, and I don’t walk properly.
Last two weeks Tuesday , the swollen occurred again. On Friday it became worst that I was unable to take my bath. I managed to come for the Youth summit. During the course of the service, the man of God Senior Prophet P. I.A Obaseki walked up to me and gave me a word of prophecy “that he saw my parents always carrying me from place to place because I always fall sick and that I do things which I ought not to do but after doing it I regret my actions”. I confirmed it to be true.
The man of God prayed for me and delivered me to the Glory of God. I was opportune to get the anointed OIL PSALMS 45:2&7.
When I got home I used the Anointed oil on my waist. Then I fell asleep. I had a dream that I was poured water. Then I woke up and I was looking at my body no water. At 12:00am, the swollen boasted out and the pains disappeared to the glory of God. I started walking properly. Thank you Jesus.

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