More Grace. I am Brother Okhiku Success. February this year, a Friend of mine returned from Ghana and came looking for me, One Fateful day we met and went out to different places and As he was about going he gave a thousand naira which I used to buy 2 Yogurt ice cream but when i offered him one of it he Rejected. As I took from my own, my body changed and I was feeling this hotness in my Head like I was going to run mad till I managed to throw it away but still I couldn’t get my normal self.

I went to the Hospital and was Diagnosed of Malaria, they gave me Drugs and proper treatment but all to no avail. After then, I Started moving to different churches in search for Solution but still to no avail. I was Opportune to be in the D.G.O.G.C. where I met with one of the Pastors, he prayed for me and When I got home after the prayers, I Purged everything out but the Affliction wasn’t completely gone. I was Opportune to be In the Prayer Line Session earlier Today where the man of God P.I.A Obaseki prayed for me with the Pool Of Bethesda Water, at a Spray, I felt Vibration all over my body and the Affliction Disappeared…..Thank You Jesus…

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