Never A Sickness or Diseases Jesus Cannot Heal


More Grace! The problem that brought me to this ministry was the inability to excrete for the past nine (9) months, when this problem began I went to the doctor and he said nothing was wrong with me. I have searched for solution but all to no avail.

A friend of my mother came to visit us, my mum explained to her what I was going through, and she brought us to this ministry (Divine Grace of Glory Church). I met with the man of God Pastor P.I.A Obaseki and he prayed for me, I also received the anointing water and calendar. When I got home, I prayed with the anointing water and administered it on myself, I wrapped myself with anointing calendar and I slept off. The next day I woke and I felt like going to the rest room as I did to my greatest surprise I excreted normal and the pain I was experiencing before going to bed disappeared. Thank you Jesus Christ. Sis Blessing.

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