More grace, I am Mrs. VE Okoro. Before now I have been seriously sick, I had no peace in my health. I went to the hospital, after they carried out several test on me they declared that nothing was wrong with me but within me I had no peace. I was opportune to be in the DGOGC Wednesday faith clinic prophetic service where the man of God PIA Obaseki blessed water for everyone present including me.

When I got home that day, I drank from the water before I went to bed. In the midnight at about 2-3am I started vomiting and my children at home were pouring me water till I managed to get my DGOGC newsletter and contacted the phone numbers written on it with the hope of getting and answer and by the grace of God the call was answered and I was prayed for that midnight….from that day till now I have experienced peace in my health…..Thank you Jesus..

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