More Grace. I am Oghogho Eromosele, I am a More Grace TV Partner. Before now I have been having serious Problems ranging from Spiritual Attack, Disappointment at the Edge of Breakthrough, Failed Relationships…etc. it got so bad 2 years ago that I Vowed never to go into any Relationship again, I decided to focus only on God and I became a Partner to More Grace TV so I could fully connect to the Grace of God working in D.G.O.G.C.

I was opportune to be in the D.G.O.G.C. Prayer Mountain to seek the face of God. When I got there, I started praying fervently and wholeheartedly, believing that God will answer me that day. Few hours later as I was praying, the man of God P.I.A Obaseki located me, he placed his hands on my head and delivered me by the Power of the Holy Spirit through the name of Jesus Christ and that was how I received my Deliverance… on this same night, while I was in the dream, I went to the mountain to pray and I heard a voice saying to me that I should go and collect my Papers for I have passed my first exam then I woke up. I also had another dream that same night where I saw myself standing in the midst of an Old Man and Woman and there was a very big Tree before us, I heard a Voice Saying “You Woman Cut That Rope and let her go !!”… Then I woke up…..Thank you Jesus

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