The year 2012, one day I was getting ready to go to the market then I felt a very sharp pain on my chest. From that day I started having severe chest pain. I started going from hospital to hospital, I started going from pharmacy to pharmacy for drugs.
The year 2016, one day I told my daughter to go to the pharmacy to buy me drugs she said I should not worry that she has seen a church that God will heal me and that church is DIVINE GRACE OF GLORY CHURCH. That same year I started coming to this ministry and immediately I entered this ministry, things changed in my life. I no longer go to the chemist to get drugs as I always do.
On Friday, during the course of the SOLUTION NIGHT, the man of God gave me a word of prophecy that he is seeing me with a heart problems and I confirmed it to be true.
The man of God then instructed me to go to the altar to take from the WATER OF LIFE and that I should use it to pray for myself which I did. From that day till now I am ok to the Glory of God. Thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Roman Mokopi
    17 Aug 2023 14:53:15 Reply

    Set me free Lord Jesus Christ

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